A Simple Guide to Playacar Real Estate for sale

Playacar Real Estate property has become one of the most sort after investments in Riviera Maya, for anyone who is looking to retire or invest here in this relaxing Caribbean Playa del Carmen region.

This guide will give you a brief insight on the area, some general Playacar real estate property information, and knowledge to help you decide if Playacar is the best place for you to buy, invest or stay on your vacation.

Note: Most of the advice in the article is Playacar Real Estate related.

About Playacar Real Estate

Playacar is a private high-end development that was started in 1979. It’s a secure gated community with a well-designed 18 hole golf course, a shopping area, eateries, parks, a few private cenotes, and Mayan ruins.

Where is Playacar?

Playacar is located in Playa del Carmen, a city in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. In front of the beautiful tropical sea of the Caribbean.

Playacar 2 - 24 hour security - Playacar Phase 2 - Playacar Real Estate
This is one of the Playacar Phase 2 security gates (24-hours).

Is Playacar safer than the center of Playa del Carmen?

Playacar is a gated secure neighborhood. You will find security guards manning the resorts and the general neighborhood.

Playa del Carmen is safe in general. You should lock your doors and windows just like any other place.

Because it is a gated community with plenty of guards around, this makes Playacar more secure and safer than Playa del Carmen center.

Playacar Phase 1 compared to Playacar Phase 2 – What’s the difference?

Playacar is separated into 2 main areas called Phases. Each phase is a separate gated community both with 24-hour security.

Playacar Phase 1 is an exclusive beachfront zone with mostly residential houses with a few small hotels. It was the first phase of Playacar. If you are looking for upscale beachfront Playacar real estate then Playacar Phase 1 is for you. You will find high-class luxurious beachfront properties here.

Playacar Phase 2 was built later and is larger in its size. It hosts a large lush green golf course, residential houses, vacation and residential condos, a bird aviary park, a shopping area, and larger all-inclusive resorts.

Summary of differences

Playacar Phase 1Playacar Phase 2
1st Phase of Playacar. Beachfront zone.2nd Phase of Playacar. Built later and is much larger.
Has Residential and vacation homes.Has Residential and vacation homes.
A few small hotels.Residential condos.
Luxury Beachfront Properties (with oceanview)Golf course
On the beach or close to the beach homes.Shopping areas
All-inclusive resorts
Bird aviary park
Playacar Beachfront Property in Mexico
Playacar Beachfront Property in Mexico. Playacar Phase 1.

Beachfront Property in Playacar Real Estate for sale

Beachfront Condos in Playacar real estate are priced higher than others purely for being more of an exclusive zone with direct access to one of the best beaches in the world.

If you are exclusively looking for Playacar real estate Beachfront properties then begin looking in Playacar Phase 1. It has more exclusive luxury properties than phase 2.

Beachfront properties start at around 2 million US dollars. They have an average of 3 to 4 bedrooms per house. Unlike other homes, the beachfront properties tend to be one story, unlike condos and homes which can be 2 to 3 stories.

Beachfront properties tend to be in demand with vacation renters and short to long-term renters collecting around $3000-5000 US dollars per week is normal.

Playacar beachfront house with pool.
Playacar beachfront house with pool at night.

What is the monthly cost for Vacation Rentals in Playacar?

Playacar monthly rentals start at around $600 US dollars per month for a luxury small studio, however, these can be hard to find as they are limited in numbers and are in demand.

If you have a budget of around $1500-3000 USD a month you will have a beautiful 2 or 3 bedroom condos small houses, perfect to stay in for a while.

As mentioned earlier Playacar real estate beachfront properties are around $3000-5000 US dollars per week. If you head away from the beach you can find houses and luxury condos at around $1000-2000 US dollars a week.

Playacar Phase 1 - Beachfront Homes for Sale
Your own private beach house in the more secluded and exclusive zone of Playa del Carmen.

What is the Cost of buying Playacar Real Estate Properties?

Beachfront properties are the most expensive from $2 million to $4 million US dollars. These houses are located generally in Playacar Phase 1.

You can buy a gorgeous house starting at around $350,000 US dollars and go upwards of over $1 million US dollars.

If you are wanting more bang for your dollars and like condos living style then look towards Playacar Phase 2. You can get some great deals on beautiful condos for about $150,000 US dollars and onwards. These condos can have extra amenities such as a shared pool and BBQ area. They are well maintained by the staff.

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