Tulum Green School - Selva Zama

First Green School in All of America Opens in Tulum. And How Does This Effect Tulum’s Real Estate Market?

Kids often leave school bored and uninspired. Looking outside of school for their own passions and pursuits.

And even when kids leave school or university it often takes years for them to find their true passion in life. Sometimes they may never find it.

There is one thing that has needed to change for a long time. That’s the way our kid’s school. These are the young people of our future.

What is a Green School?

A Green school gives children all the necessary learning for the outside world. Inspiring children’s natural entrepreneurial spirit while nurturing their creativity. Started by John and Cynthia Hardy. 

There are 3 official Green Schools in the world. And Tulum is now the 4th. With the 1st in Bali, the 2nd in Taranaki, New Zealand and 3rd in South Africa.

green school tulum
Children learn during green school programmes.

What do they teach in Green schools?

Green School uses the pedagogical structure of learning. Using 3 frames of learning. These 3 frames define how the contents of green school courses get delivered.

1. Thematic frame

Cross disciplinary learning around a theme.

2. Proficiency frame

Mathematics, english, science, humanitites and foreign languages.

2. Experiential frame

Enterprise (business), environment studies, arts, health and wellbeing.

“Green School isn’t just a school, it’s a global movement to raise changemakers – because our world needs us now.”

Says Cythia and John Hardy – Green School Co-Founders.

Click here to view the Tulum Green School academic programmes.

green school tulum
Tulum Green School classrooms inspire an environments of learning.

Tulum Green School Brings Wealth & Prestige to Tulum

The first Green school in Bali became an instant success. Attracting wealthy western families to have their kids attend the school. Everyone from rap stars to doctors enrolled their children.

Tulum Green School will be no different. And it’s the 1st Green school on the American continent. This is something very special for Tulum. And it shows the rich level of planning for the future of Tulum.

green school tulum
Selvazama is closer to the beach and under Aldea Zama. A prime and exclusive location in Tulum now on sale.

Where is the Green school in Tulum?

Selva Zama Tulum is where the Green school is located. As viewed on the map above. Selva Zama is closer to the beach neighbours Aldea Zama.

When does the Tulum Green School open?
It’s set to open in September 2021. It’s created an investment property opportunity within the Selva Zama Tulum region.

New Investment opportunities in Selva Zama (Set to Sell Out Soon)

The new area of Selva Zama is opening up. Its located underneath Aldea Zama. And it’s closer to the beach, making it a more premium property compared to Aldea Zama.

With most of the Selva Zama area designated for family housing, it’s become a very stable zone for investing. And right now we have plots of land on sale in Selva Zama.

Selva Zama Real Estate is selling faster than Aldea Zama. Around 90% of Aldea Zama land is sold out. So people are now looking to invest in Selva Zama. But you must act fast on property in Selva Zama.

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