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Xpu-ha Real Estate is an invitation to a superior quality of life.

Immerse yourself in the richness of Mayan heritage. Be part of the distinguished Xpu-ha beach community.

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Why choose the most serene neighborhood in Xpu-ha?

Xpu-ha is one of the most secluded neighborhoods around. Nestled just a short distance away from the renowned Xpu-ha archaeological site and a mere 90-minute drive from Cancun international airport. Its natural splendor and harmonious coexistence with nature are truly irresistible.

Properties in Xpu-ha are affordable, yet unparalleled in their luxury, making them a hidden gem in comparison to other renowned locations worldwide. As the real estate market in Xpu-ha rapidly expands, tranquil zones like this become premium, top-tier choices.

Xpu-ha boasts a variety of homes, projects, and developments. Unique features include private pools, shared swimming areas, temescal, private cenotes, yoga spaces, and wellness spas.

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Properties for sale in Xpu-ha

Prime properties waiting to be your own.

Xpu-ha Vacation in Pre-construction

We offer pre-construction vacation homes at attractive prices.

Xpu-ha beach residential real estate

Looking for your dream vacation home or second home away? We have residential homes available for you to review upon request.

Selva Zama Land

Xpu-ha Land lots for Sale

Investing in land is a wise decision. We have plots that will certainly catch your interest. Inquire today.

Beachfront Real Estate in Xpu-ha

Beachfront real estate High-end beachfront real estate is available in Xpu-ha. Request our listings today.

What people say about Xpu-ha Real Estate

Testimonials from individuals who live or stay in Xpu-ha

"Absolutely fantastic condos owned individually. Majority are available for daily rentals, some for long-term, and a few are owner-occupied."
Chris D
"Amazing condo, with top-tier infrastructure. And affordable for seasonal rental."
Selma V
"Wonderful place to unwind and appreciate nature in a unique private setting."
Jose M

Map of Xpu-ha

The region of Xpuha spans 80 hectares.

What does the name 'Xpu-ha' mean?

‘Xpu-ha’ translates to ‘morning dew’. It was a sacred place for the ancient Mayans who were drawn by its mystical aura. Xpuha was designed to be an exclusive area for those who cherish luxury and live in harmony with nature.

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