How to Sell your Property in Riviera Maya

Finding and working with a Local Realty Agent in Mexico to sell your Mexican Property.

Selling your Property in Mexico using a Real Estate Agency service

If you already have a property in Mexico, then you may want to choose an agent to market your property for you. Some sellers prefer to by-pass agents and deal direct; although this saves money it is also harder because many people (especially foreign buyers) end up using local realty agents to help them find the ideal property for their needs.  Furthermore, if you don’t use an agent, you will need to undertake the complex legal and process work required yourself.  Most sellers discover that the services of an experienced agent are very worthwhile.

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Real Estate Agent Selling fees in Mexico

The cost of selling a house with a real estate agent

Most real estate agents in Mexico charge fees of between 6% to 8% to sell your single property. If you negotiate an “exclusive” deal with an agent, they might lower their commission rate, however, you will limit your exposure.  This fee is subject to Mexico’s sales tax, known as IVA.  So for example, if your rate is 6%, then your real commission rate including IVA (currently 16%) is close to 7%.

Most real estate agents charge similar fees of between four and eight percent and also offer to market your property extensively through various real estate networks they are associated with. In the event that one of their contacts sells the property, you don’t pay any more commission as the total agreed beforehand is shared with their network contact.

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Sell Your House in Riviera Maya Mexico

Our Selling your Property Services

Caribe Luxury Homes charges 6% (for homeowners) to 12% (for development owners) to sell your property in Riviera Maya Mexico. We ask for an exclusive on your property for a minimum of 6 months so we can maximize the exposure of your property through our network, giving you a better chance of selling your property at a great price.

Our team is active in the Riviera Maya Real estate market, finding new buyers who have the potential to buy your property. By signing with Caribe Luxury Homes Mexico you ensure that we will prioritize and promote your property to these active buyers. We help you negotiate and close your property offering a full service often not offered by other realtors and Real estate companies in Rivera Maya Mexico.

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